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Co-financed by:
UBER EATS We hit the road with Uber Eats, on a travel between brand awareness and resistant materials.
LAVAZZA Ensuring the taste of a great flavour with a uniform developed to enhance productivity and comfort.
VODAFONE A complete and integrated service powered to every Portuguese Vodafone’s store.
MEO Mixing brand’s identity with comfortable pieces, suitable to any body type: the ideal combination of fashion and functionality.
E.LECLERC In retail, transmit reliability and trustworthiness to customers is essential: for E.Leclerc, we thought on every single detail to represent its identity with pride, energy and confidence.
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Strong commercial relationships strat with a uniform High-quality uniforms can show off the prestige of any brand almost immediately. Enhancing MEO’s trustworthiness at the sales moment, as the biggest telecommunications company in the Portuguese market, brand's color and logo are represented in every piece of clothing store’s employees wear, giving customers an instant association with the service.